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laptopsecurity Direct from Denmark!

Designed to keep your laptop readily at hand yet ensure important data remains secure, the SVAR Laptop Secure is constructed in steel with a powder coated finish.  Self tapping screws mount the track under a horizontal surface, usually a desk.

Add security to the convenience of a laptop.  The laptop itself, expensive software and sensitive information can confidently be kept secure, yet moments from use.

Minimalist by design, pure simplicity to use.

RRP $434.50 

Height: 465 mm 
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 140 mm

pdf Specification Sheet 185.90 Kb

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Product ID
Laptop Secure - Black  =  LSB
Laptop Secure - Silver  =  LSS

pdf Guarantee 12.97 Kb
SVAR Holders come with the Manufacturer’s
10 year replacement guarantee on functionality.

Excludes Laptop pictured
for demonstration only

Effective Options for Dynamic Workspaces !                                       


SVAR Australasia is 100% Australian owned and operated.                                                    
Products are supplied under license to Denmark.