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sitting_to_standPerhaps the single greatest revolution in desks and the working environment!  Have the option to sit or stand while working, and change back and forth through the day as is best for you. 

Eighty percent of desks in Scandinavia are sit2stand.  There is a reason.  We are not made to remain sitting for such long periods of time.  Continuing with normal computer and desk work while standing has to be experienced to be believed.  Have a complete change of posture anytime you like.  How refreshing & inspiring!

Have your work surface the correct height for you!
Pictured is an electric sit2stand desk.
With the touch of a button the desk can be lifted .......

to your correct standing height......

from your correct sitting height .......

and back ..... or not - as you wish at the time.

Minimalist by design, pure simplicity to use.

Our top quality 2 leg desk frames complete (flat packed kitset without a top) retail from $1,430 incl. gst. Three legged desk frames complete (flat packed kitset without a top) retail from $2,100 incl. gst.

At SVAR we manufacture the desk frames and can supply frames only or desks 100% complete. Assembly is required (is very easy) as they are freighted flat packed in kitset form.  The electric legs are available in Black and Silver.  Frames are usually powdercoated Black or Silver to match. 

Desk frames to suit Linak DL 4, 5, 6, and 11 legs are regularly built in two leg form (above is a DL 4) and also three leg corner workstations mostly in DL 4.  Top sizes for two-leg desks have ranged from 1200 x 700 mm to 2400 x 1000 mm.  Top sizes for Corner workstations have ranged up to 2400 x 1800 x 800 mm.  Linak leg specifications are best sourced from the Linak website in the 'Desk Lift' section

pdf Specification Sheet 137.04 Kb

We routinely build and quote on custom sizes and corner workstations at client's requests.
Contact us
to discuss your requirements.

pdf Guarantee 12.97 Kb
SVAR Sit2Stand desk frames come with the Manufacturer's 10 year replacement guarantee on functionality.  The Linak electric legs carry their Manufacturers 3 year guarantee.

Interesting thought !?

The reasonable person adapts themselves to the furniture;
the unreasonable person adapts the furniture to themselves.

All progress depends on the unreasonable person !

Apologies to George Bernard Shaw

Effective Options for Dynamic Workspaces !

SVAR Australasia is 100% Australian owned and operated. 
Products are supplied under license to Denmark.