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If you do not have a height adjustable desk and need to use your chairs height adjustment to gain the correct working surface height, you must now consider how to set up your optimal sitting posture. This basic issue cannot be over emphasized.

Do the check for you.

Adjust the chair height so that both forearms can rest on the work surface . 

  • If you have a good 'hip - knee' seat angle and have both feet comfortably on the floor then you have achieved your personally customised ideal, for seat and work surface posture.  Your work surface height is correct for you.

  • If your knees are level with, or higher than your hips then you must find a way to raise your working surface.

  • If your feet do not reach to rest comfortably on the floor, a height adjustable footrest will need to be used. Your weight must not rest on the front edge of the chair squab as circulation issues are likely to arise.

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