Lights and Sound PDF Print E-mail


1. The ideal light intensity in work environments should be diffused so that the most light strikes the work surface, less light in the immediate work area, and the least light in the room. The optimum ratio is 5:3:1.

2. If you use a desk light, this should be on your left side if you are right-handed, and vice versa.

3. Reflections of daylight on the screen can be eliminated by locating the monitor as far from the windows as possible and positioning so that your line of sight is parallel to the window. Right-handed people should sit so that the light enters their work space from their left, and vice versa.

4. Equipment such as printers and copiers that are used constantly, are noisy and give off heat, and should ideally be located separately from the work space.

5. Phone conversations and people coming and going etc can be an unintended stress factor. Quiet yet constant background sound (like instrumental music?) can help generalise other noise and improve each individuals ability to focus. Consideration of other team members is clearly helpful especially if working in an open office environment. "Sound absorbent" screens could be used to help reduce direct noise disturbance.