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The Here and Now

Based in Brisbane and 100% Australian owned and operated, SVAR Australasia Manufactures and Imports Danish designed office equipment.  Until mid 2006 the firm was known as Danish Office Furniture.

SVAR's focus remains on supplying task specific equipment to organise and individualise office workspaces in support of commercial fit-out firms.  Danish creativity continues to result in more products that are deliberately minimalist and intuitive to use.
Some of the options are; Cable Trays, quick release Computer Brackets with turn & slide options, operator adjusted Monitor Arms,  and electric height adjust 'Sit 2 Stand' desking, above desk or built in USB & power sockets, to address the main issues.


Danish Office Furniture was founded in 2000 when Knud and Soren Pedersen of P.J. Productions, brought their Product lines and Manufacturing expertise from Denmark to Australia.
Developments in 2006 
In 2006 the business changed management and was renamed 'SVAR Australasia'.  Through an alliance with source company PJ Productions, Denmark, sole distributorship to Australia and N.Z. (Australasia) enabled a more consistent supply and a broader range of products.
The products gained the 'SVAR' brand to provide a distinctive identity and indicate their heritage.

As 'SVAR' is Danish for 'Answer' it is an ideal brand for products designed to be part of the answer for office workspaces everywhere.

The SVAR Team

  • Mark - Customer Service. Very responsible person (if anything goes wrong, he's responsible)! 
  • Raewyn - Accounts Manager & paper chase expert extraordinaire!
  • Noel - Manufacturing Engineer & Chief Dot Joiner 
As a team we deliberately work on staying 'above the line'
i.e. taking Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility for ourselves and our work.

Risking new ideas and continually developing who we are,
are a couple of the keys to our progress.
Solutions are a lot of fun!

At SVAR we consider that part of the answer also includes:

  • Commercial quality products
  • Professional, consistent, reliable service
  • Excellent value
  • Listening responsiveness to clients needs
  • A 10 year replacement guarantee
  • A 'what is possible?' attitude,
    i.e. Miracles can be done, but the impossible needs some lead time ;-)