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SVAR Australasia's core purpose
is supplying excellent equipment designed to organise and individualise workspaces. 
he effect of individualising a workspace has to be experienced to be believed.

SVAR products are available through the order forms on the Contact Us page and are sent direct from our Brisbane Factory Outlet to clients Nationally.
SVAR products for Commercial use are available
Commercial Fit-out and Furnishing firms
Australia-wide and some New Zealand retailers. 
Contact Us to find your nearest Outlet.
We post or freight any quantity to any location for supply mainly to Commercial Resellers but also to Domestic Retailers and direct to the Public.
Guarantee  -  The Manufacturer's 10 year replacement guarantee on functionality is part of the purchase of any SVAR branded product.

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Interesting Fact !?
The reasonable person adapts themselves to the furniture;
the unreasonable person adapts the furniture to themselves.

All progress depends on the unreasonable person !

Apologies to George Bernard Shaw


Ergonomics 101,  mind numbingly dull,
but surprisingly important when
it's about you !

For an excellent overview on work surface height have a look at  

There is no one posture that is correct to remain fixed in for any length of time. 
Ergonomics in practice, is a range of appropriate postures that are readily attainable at any time.
  • improved working posture,
  • Individually adjusted desk / monitor and                     
  • choice of movement range

are major elements in creating a dynamic and efficient working environment to inspire and support peoples effectiveness, i.e. an individuals and a businesses most valuable asset!

Step through our simple ergonomics assessor to improve your self management in an office environment.

SVAR Australasia
brings Danish designed office furnishing solutions to Australia and New Zealand through Manufacturing and Importing product lines under license to PJ Productions, Silkeborg, Denmark.

Inquiry for further information and/or modified products welcomed.

Effective Options for Dynamic Workspaces !
SVAR Australasia is 100% Australian owned and operated. 
Products are supplied under license to Denmark.
Updated June 2011